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Hi I'm Kellie


A passionate explorer of emotions, feelings and thoughts

All About Me

"I believe that each person’s journey is unique and valuable. My favourite words are curiosity, experimentation, non-judgemental and compassion, when we start here we can really make positive changes in our lives and others."

My journey has been one of personal transformation; from battling unregulated emotions and an overwhelmed nervous system which led to years of personal struggle, to becoming a massive advocate for holistic well-being.

I have 18 years of experience in Health and Social Care and I am the founder of a Holistic Training Academy. I am passionate about sharing how holistic therapy can positively support our emotional and mental wellness.

My qualifications, HND in Health and Social Care, Holistic Therapist Trainer and Practitioner Certifications, a Diploma in Mindfulness, Mental Health First Aid Trainers Training, and Nebosh in Workplace Wellbeing, reflect my unwavering commitment to holistic approaches and well-being. My thirst for knowledge has led me to undertake a BSC in Psychology and Counselling along with an ICF Diploma in Neuroscience.

In my neurodiverse household, where Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia coexist, I’ve learned the beauty of embracing individuality. Outside of my work, you’ll often find me at the beach, in the water, or with my head in a book.

Here's how I can support you:

  • Workplace Wellbeing: Offering consultancy, training and interventions focusing on creating nurturing spaces where everyone can thrive.

  • Mental Health First Aid Training: Equipping individuals with the tools to recognise and address mental health challenges

  • Journaling for Wellbeing: Training that harnesses the power of journaling for emotional well-being.

  • Self-Harm Awareness and First Aid: Understanding self-harm, challenging stigma and educating on ways to provide support.

  • Emotional Regulation Coaching: Guiding individuals in mastering their emotions for a more balanced life.

  • Coaching: Personalised coaching for those seeking growth and transformation. 

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