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Our Story

It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something truly special.

We are three women with a mission, armed with knowledge and passion to help the Neurodiverse Community with their wellbeing, advocacy, support, training and much more. 

Wellbeing in Neurodiversity is our trading name - We are the Queen of Procrastination C.I.C, a non-profit community interest company. 

To find out more about each of us, click on our bios below 

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About us

Making a Difference


Sian Lewis-Evans

I am passionate about people getting the support that they deserve. Having someone to talk through their thoughts and feelings, who gets it, that lived experience is vital.


Kellie Kinch

I believe that each person’s journey is unique and valuable. My favourite words are curiosity, experimentation, non-judgemental and compassion, when we start here we can really make positive changes in our lives and others.


Sian Marie Edney

Change for the Better

Coming soon 

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